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V: Do I have to buy the weapons in case I opt for an individual trial class?
A: No, we have some weapons to lend for these occasions.

V: What follow-up options are there after this course?
A: First of all you’re invited to come and practise with us in Korea, for instance during the Martial Arts round trip in September / October 2006. Also you’re invited to come and stay with us a week (of longer) in the dojang for an intensive clinic.
V: Do you plan to have Summer Schools in Amsterdam more often?
A: Yes, according to the results of this first test case we consider to start a Winter School as well. So in case there’s sufficient interest, we’ll be able to offer intensive trainings in Amsterdam twice per year. 

V: Is self study of Sibpalki an option?
A: Provided you see a Sibpalki master regularly (twice per year) to correct your stances and techniques it should be possible to practise individually with directions from books (a syllabus in English is currently under construction) and video. However we encourage to practise together with companions.

V: Is it recommendable to practise Sibpalki in combination with other martial arts?
A: The weaponskills of Sibpalki go very well together with unarmed martial arts. We recommend a wide orientation however to choose eventually one ‘main’ style. Should you settle for Sibpalki as your main style, you’ll also have to practise the unarmed (hand- and foot-) techniques and those don’t go very well together with other unarmed martial arts such as karate, taekwondo or hapkido.