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Bok Kyu Choi Ph.D., 6th dan, is a direct descendant of grandmaster Kwang Suk Kim. Choi started teaching as a sabumnim (martial arts master) in 1990 at the national Sibpalki Association and is an active member of its Demonstration Team ever since.

He obtained a masters degree at the Seoul National University on his research of the modern history of Korean martial arts and a Ph.D. degree at the same university with his dissertation on the interpretation of the Muyedobotongji and its significance in modern times.

In 2004 he entered the Youngsan University in Busan as a professor. As researcher he is still affiliated to the Seoul National University and he frequently publishes in the national newspapers Chosun Ilbo and Munhwa Ilbo. Over the past ten years he co-operated as martial arts expert to countless TV shows, cultural manifestations and documentaries amongst which a series of National Geographic on oriental martial arts in 2005.

He is currently compiling a publication on martial arts theories and practise commissioned by Ehwa University (Seoul).