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Instead of a summer school, a permanent school will kick off this summer in Amsterdam. From early July 2007 there will be biweekly trainings (all levels) on Tuesday and Friday evening from 6 - 8 pm. Meeting the standards of the Korean Sippalki Association, the trainings are dynamic and make for a complete body workout. Grading takes place along (6) geup exams and dan degrees (black belts). Call or e-mail us for more details or join a free trial class. 

We have also started compact instructors courses in the sippalki weapon
skills specifically for sabumnims of other (unarmed) Korean martial arts
such as hapkido, taekwondo or tangsoodo. The assistent instructors
certificate is available for practitioners of 1st and 2nd dan, while 4th dan and
up gives access to the masters courses. These instructors courses devide the range of sippalki skills in modules, for each (weapon) skill such as jung bong (long staff) and bonguk gum (korean sword). Should you be interested in receiving more information, please contact us by e-mail.