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Sippalki includes many exercises for 'ki' (life energy/ vital power), that we can't squeeze in the 90 minutes trainings. These ki-exercises (slightly similar to chi kung or qi-gong) should be practised in tranquility and mindfulness, not in a rush. We therefore started a  dedicated class 'Healing Martial Arts'.

The Korean Ki-exercises comprise a series of dynamic movements and a series of subtle to nearly still movements. This combination enhances 'ki' and stimulates the 'ki'-flow. Other benefits include: enhancing the organs, regenerating the body and unleashing the inner power.

This class is open to everyone, not only for our sippalki practitioners. Feel free to try a class or call 06-55180536.

time / locatiion:
Every Friday 5:30 - 6:25 pm   Danszaal WG-cursusruimte.

10,- per lesson
or 30,- monthly
or 80,- quarterly

(50% discount for our practitioners of sippalki)

recommended outfit:
loose fit sports-(yoga-)wear and light, flexible indoor (sport-)shoes.