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The Centre for Korean Studies of the Leiden University
and the Korean Institute for Martial Arts present a

Master Class by Dr. Bok Kyu Choi:

 “An Introduction to the Korean Long Staff”

Date and time: 13 December, 2008, from 10:30 to 15:30 hrs.
Location theory class: Room 147 in the Lipsius Building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden.

Location practice class: Fencing hall of the Universitair Sportcentrum, Einsteinweg 6, Leiden.

Eligible for registration: Korean martial arts professionals: masters and (assistant) instructors from 1st dan and higher.

Participation fee: € 85,- including vat, Korean lunch and syllabus.
Registration: forms available on request with Mrs. J. van der Hoff: joseonmuye@gmail.com.

The speaker: Dr. Bok Kyu Choi, born in 1969 in Seoul, attained a master’s degree of Seoul National University with a thesis on the reconstitution of Korean Traditional Martial Arts and its significance today. He obtained a Ph.D. at Seoul National University with a dissertation on the Historical Background of the compilation of the Muyedobot’ongji and the discourse on the martial arts. He publishes with the Ehwa University Press, the Seoul National University Press and the Korean national newspapers Chosun Ilbo and the Munhwa Ilbo.