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This is a 10-days round trip through South Korea combining martial arts sightseeing with martial arts practising.

We’ll depart on September 29th from Seoul to Chungju to see the first two days of the World Martial Arts Festival. Then we will cruise the country, encounter and practise with grandmasters and specialists in Taekkyon, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kuk Sul Won, Wushu, Qi-gong, Taegukkwon en Sibpalki. 

Following the footsteps of the Hwarang (the elite martial arts corps of the Shilla kingdom), we will also practise on scenic outdoor sites. The accommodations vary from temples (a.o. the famous Naksansa and Bulguksa), guesthouses and motels. 

Furthermore the program comprises a.o. the Seoraksan National Partk, the Hwarang Experience Park where martial arts on horsebacks are demonstrated, the Unification Observatory on the North Korean border , the Hahaoe Folk Village, Gyeongju the ancient capital of the Shilla kingdom, hot springs and health spa’s. 

A more detailed program and a budget is currently under construction. Should you be interested, please enrol here to our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted.